Have fun! It is your Moment

Below you can find all the free games Betsafe Casino was so generous to supply. Most casinos do not provide free slot games. Those that do, throw us a 3 minute bone like a dog. So I salute Betsafe and their generous open attitude. Ruff ruff!

Have fun! It is your Choice


Once you are on the Play For Free page of the slot game of your choice you will see links to other pages pertaining to that same slot game. We have multiple pages for each and every slot game by software provider NetEnt. You might want to refer to them for more info and interesting tid-bits for us puppies. The How To Win category goes down well with free games. It contains a bunch of great ideas on how to beat up CasinEuro for not giving us Pandora’s Box and Ghost Pirates to play for free for more than 3 minutes. They have an exclusivity on Pandora’s Box and a few others. One of the best things to do with the free games is to practice the Martingale System for slots and don’t skip over the Most Amazing Wins category. These are some of my best wins… and I have’m on video. Grrrr! Woof… Bow wow!

Have fun! It is the moment in the day that is yours and only for you. Let go, let it be and let it Rip! ruff!

Have fun! It is your Life


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